If you are here to look at my twelfth scale miniatures, please click here... it will take you to my brag page.
Favorite Miniature links:
Swallowhill Dolls
A mini bedroom I created. Most articles I made, but purchased the tables, pitcher and hat boxes.
Petite Jewelry Boutique
Craft links:
House of Miniatures
Delta Crafts
Treasure House Dolls
Bucilla Needlecrafts
Miscellaneous links:
This Old House Magazine
Georgette Heyer Homepage
Unofficial Patricia Veryan Page
I have just discovered some excellent mystery novels. They are the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters. They were so good, I ended up buying the whole series from Barnes and Noble. Highly recommended!
A completed cross-stitch of mine.
I am in the midst of creating a townhouse from a bookcase; furnishings will include needlepoint chairs, gilded fireplaces, kit-creations, and more. I prefer to make my interiors, as it makes it more personal to me.
A shot of the Yorkshire countryside, near our home in Bishop Monkton.
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